Events 2021

Be You - Fröbelstrasse 33, 8032 Zürich



Every 1st Tuesday of the months, 19.00-20.30Uhr


Tuesday, 5th of january 2021 (cancelled - BAG regulation)

Tuesday, 2nd of february 2021

Tuesday, 2nd of march 2021

Tuesday 6th of april 2021

Tuesday 4th of may 2021

Tuesday, 1sth of june 2021

Tuesday, 6th of july 2021



CHF35.- please with registration (Homepage, FB, SMS)


Consciousness, breath and sound open up the joy and meaning of life.


Every evening Isabelle Tellenbach (Yogateacher) leads through simpleYin-Yoga Asanas to the 7 main chakras. This is accompanied and supported by live music by  Dominique Starck (meditation musician) with specially tuned frequencies for the respective chakras. Chanting open up the chakras and revitalize mind, soul and body.




Every 2nd Tuesday of the months, 19.15-21.00


Tuesday, 12th of january 2021 (cancelled - BAG regulation)

Tuesday, 9th of february 2021

Tuesday, 9th of march 2021

Tuesday, 13th of april 2021

Tuesday, 11th of may 2021

Tuesday, 8th of june 2021


CHF45.- incl. Bio Cacao

Please with registration (Homepage, FB, SMS)


Immerse yourself in the world of cocoa. Let yourself be enchanted by the organic cocoa from Peru, carefully and lovingly and carefully crafted. With a beautiful meditation, we open our hearts and connect with our deepest interior. No prior knowledge needed.



What to bring with you: Comfortable clothes


Pillows, blankets & cups are available.


Please only with registration !


Event Location


Be You 

Fröbelstrasse 33

8032 Zürich


Tram Nr 11 direction Rehalp / Auzelg until Wetlistrasse 


Car 2 parking spaces are available for free

Event Impressions