Yoga has been handed down for over 3500 years and yet it is more relevant today than ever. Many use it for a good body feeling and to achieve more flexibility. But it is far more than just a "physical" workout. It serves as a training system to support the need of modern man for inner peace, serenity, vitality and concentration. To perceive one's own body, one's thoughts, one's emotions and to become aware of it.


There are 8 Drishtis (view directions) 

Ujjayi Breath

The deep (larynx) breathing is regular and calms the body and mind


The different asanas are available in different (modified) forms for all - no matter if young or old - beginner or advanced


By the bandhas (e.g., contraction), energy (prana) is carried in one direction


Through a careful process adapted to the body and natural movements, every single muscle of the body is stretched and strengthened, as well as the nerves, organs, glands and energy channels. Together with the synchronized breath, the drishtis, the bandhas and the asanas, this together forms a kind of "moving meditation". Through this unifying combination, we open up physical and emotional blocks and activate our energy centers (chakras) and our life energy.


Strenght & flexibility expand through practice

Through the exercises (asanas), tendons, ligaments and muscles are stretched and strengthened. A position is taken, held and constantly refined and precised. Strength and agility will gradually increase.


The external form is secondary, it is about to understand the statement of an asana and the inner experience, the exploration of their own movement and posture patterns and gaining clarity about your body and mind.



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