At the present time our mind is constantly working. We keep thinking of things, thoughts racing through our heads like in a washing machine. Stress, overwork, headaches or sleep disorders are the result. We are looking for escape, e.g. in an addiction to turn off the mind for a brief moment and let go. So that we can just BE for a brief moment without constantly receiving some thought.


Through meditation, we learn this without distractions or addictions such as (media, cell phone, alcohol, drugs ...). We calm our minds and send it on vacation for a while. What does not always succeed at first, but can be learned and after a short time succeeds to sink much faster and deeper into meditation. It's like training in the gym, practicing makes it easier and easier.



Breathing is not just oxygen for the body. Without breath we would not live. Prana (life energy) flows through our body. Prana alone is not the breath that flows through our physical body, but the energy behind it. Pranayama is not a simple breathing technique, but the immersion in a deeper level through the breath, behind the breath and beyond.


To achieve a balance and a deeper level, we must first calm the mind through the breath. We often breathe superficially or not properly in everyday life. Our breath collaps, be it in case of stress, anxiety, nervousness. The cause of it is, that the body, the cells, the organs and the whole mind is no longer sufficiently supplied with oxygen. Through simple breathing exercises, we bring new oxygen into the darkest corners of the body, providing it with new life and energy.


Pranayama makes us more balanced, calmer and yet more focused inside and more alert on many levels. We release e.g. negative emotions, fears or blockages and bring back a balance flow in the body and our live.


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