From woman to woman

 In the earlier years we used to be more together with other women. We gave each other strength and support. I find it very important to exchange woman's issues and talk with a "sister" about our "womenthings". We women have our very own topics, challenges and wishes. Because who will understand you better than a woman just as you are?


Today, unfortunately, energetic cleaning is increasingly neglected or even completely forgotten. We clean our home, our house, wash our clothes and our physical body regularly. But what about what we often do not consciously see and feel?


Our energetic body also need care and attention. Often we get sick or have pain, feel dull or listless. This is also noticeable in society in the increase of cysts and other diseases of the uterus. Also menstrual pain, severe and irregular bleeding can be the result.


What if we cleaned and maintained our energy system on a regular basis? Above all, we women absorb and store many energies and emotions through our uterus. The uterus is like a vessel (this can already be seen in the anatomical shape). Like a sponge, it absorbs everything and stores it. Often for generations. Without knowing it we pass everything on to our daughters and their daughters etc.


When we holistically cleanse ourselves regularly, we (and our children) have much more energy available. We feel alive, connected and just comfortable.