Couple- and Sextherapy

We learn a lot in school, but not how to lead a partnership and live a healthy sexuality. We are also given very little, if almost nothing, about the topic of sexuality. Out of shame, ignorance or misconception. My school education amounted to a short film. The class was uncomfortable, as was the teacher.


It is also still often a taboo subject among closest friends. Who speaks openly about their sexuality, their desires, their fantasies? What is "normal"? What is allowed? What should you do? How often?



It is important to talk about these topics. Couple or individual therapy can help to get to know each other better as a couple and also alone. In all areas, including sexuality.


I dealt with the topic of sexuality early on because I always knew that what we hear in our circle of friends, what we see in the media, cannot be everything. Sexuality is complex and need to be learned. That's how I came to tantra, among other things. Tantra has nothing to do with the Kamasutra or polygamy as many think. It is a mindful and holistic sexuality.



In this work I rely on my various educations, experiences, courses and self-awareness through Diana and Michael Richardson, Dr. David Schnarch, Ulrich Clement and many other great teachers.