What is Kinesiology ?

Kinesiology is a holistic treatment method. A big part of this is working with the meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine to recognize and treat dysbalances and blockages. In addition, knowledge from neurology, Western medicine, psychology and much more is used and applied.


Unlike many other therapies, kinesiology does not just work on one level only, it's a more holistic method. That means, it is working on the physical level, on the mental level of thoughts, patterns and beliefs, and on the soul level.


Our thoughts influence our emotional state, as well as our body expressions such as facial expressions, gestures and posture. Everything that we have learned and all the experiences we had made from an early age, we pack into a feeling. It is stored in our brain. The soul level goes into the emotional level. Everything is connected with each other and so it makes sense to include all levels.


On the energetic level, the meridian system is use mainly to detect and release blockages so that the energy pathways in the body can flow freely again. It is an effective way to detect and reduce blockages. Consenquently the potential is (re)recognized, strengthened and promoted. "Stucked " energy comes back in motion and imbalance equalizes. The therapy improves well-being, health, performance and quality of life.


The therapy is mainly done with the muscle test. Because every body stores the history of its life in the muscles as well. It is use as a tool of communication to get information from the history of the organism (the subconscious). It is use for the therapeutic work. By that, the cause is researched and co-treated and not only alleviated the existing symptoms. This achieves a holistic and sustainable therapy.



To dissolve and resolve these blockages (beliefs, patterns, etc.), different techniques are available, which are tailored individually and precisely to the individual client.


What does Kinesiology help with ?

  • Fatigue / low energy
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress
  • Disbalances / moodiness
  • Behavioral patterns / beliefs
  • Restlessness / nervousness / tension 
  • Addictions
  • Traumas
  • Learning difficulties 
  • Difficulty to concerntrate
  • General blockages (physical, mental, emotional)

How does a session go?

After a conversation, concerns, needs and goal(s) of the client are discussed and determined.


Then it is decided which method works best. Since each person is unique and reacts differently, the decision is made individually, so that it is 100% comfortable for the client and the person feels well.


Some topics can be solved in one session, others require an average of 3-5 sessions.


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Location of the praxis


Zürich city


The praxis is located at Asylstrasse 119 in Zürich near Klusplatz (3min. by foot)


From the main station Zürich with Tram 3 in 10min. to Hölderlinstrasse.


From every tramstation its about 3 min. by foot to the praxis.



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  • Touch for Health 
  • Brain Gym
  • Wellness Kinesiology
  • Applied Physiology 
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Essentielle Lifekinesiology
  • Systemic Kinesiology / (Family) constellations
  • Early childhood reflexes
  • SIPS
  • Flower essences / Bach flowers
  • Sound
  • Akupressur
  • Astrology
  • Reiki