About me

I was born and raised in Basel. After my training as a qualified nurse, I moved to Zurich, where I have lived ever since.


After various illnesses and operations, I searched for other and additional forms of therapy in addition to "conventional medicine". This gave me much gentler and more sustainable results.


Fascinated by it, what feeling and what effects this produces in my body and my interior, I continued to follow this path. This made me start the training as a holistic kinesiologist in 2016. I wanted to see the human being as a whole and to treat him so holistically.



I have made various long trips, educations and especially experiences abroad like Thailand, Bali, Mexico and India. Sound and music have fascinated and accompanied me since my early childhood. All that I have learned and all these experiences I like to combine and merge them together with my work.


I support and accompany you wherever you are on your (life) path. Let us bring more consciousness, mindfulness and clarity (back) into your life.



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