About me

I felt early on that there is more than we can see with our physical eyes. Nevertheless, I was more anchored in the material world, occupied, distracted from everything around me.


Then in my mid-20s, life "paralyzed me". Suddenly I didn't know what to do next and whether I could ever walk and do sports normally again. I was in great pain, felt more dead than alive.

I was forced to BE quiet, to calm down, to look more inside than outside. This pretty much turned everything upside down. My house of cards collapsed again. My path was intense and beautiful at the same time. Although I was expected to do different things, I couldn't live on with my previous life. So I followed the flow of life and especially my heart.


Fascinated by it, what feeling and what effects this produces in my body and for my attidude to life, I continued to follow this path. This made me start the 3 year study as a holistic kinesiologist. I wanted to see the human being as a whole and to treat him so holistically.


I have made various long trips, educations and especially experiences abroad like Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and India. Sound and music have fascinated and accompanied me since my early childhood. I like to let the knowlegde of these different areas (western medicine, kinesiology, yoga, meditation, reiki, astrology, music, dance, bach flower therapy etc.) flow into my work and merge into one another.


I support and accompany you wherever you are on your (life) path. Let us bring more consciousness, mindfulness and clarity (back) into your life.

Further educations and trainings

  • Reiki 
  • Astrology
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Praxismanagment
  • Singing bowl therapy
  • Different Yoga Asana styles (Ashtanga, Kriya, Kundalini...)
  • Pranayama & breathing techniques